what to do if your wife has put you in friendzone

Here are a few must-do things if your wife has put you in friendzone

It has happened all too often, you have been in a relationship or married for years, and suddenly your partner wants to be just friends. This can seem unexpected for many, and people struggle with the proper response. Let’s take a look at what this specifically means and how you can get out of the friend zone.

What Does This Mean?

However, this does not mean that your relationship is over. It is possible that her feelings can change, and once again, she can fall in love with you. It is possible to rekindle that love by triggering her emotions once again. Only you can do that.

What Should I Do?

What Not To Do

What Are The Proper Steps To Exit The Friendzone

Doing this helps to relax her and prevents her from cutting all contact. You can then help build a stronger friendship, trust, and she may even have feelings again for you.

Use the newfound friendship to help you rebuild trust and connection. Some easy ways to rekindle that fire are:


Just because your wife says she wants to be friends does not mean your relationship is over forever. Slowly and by following the proper steps, you may be able to rekindle those feelings she once had for you. If not, then you have to live with this fact and move on with life. Acting desperate or rash will not help the situation at all.

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