why do wives friendzone their husband

Here’s what dating experts have to say on why do wives friendzone their husbands

The dreaded friend zone, no man wants to be put in there by his significant other. However, this happens all too often nowadays, and there are many reasons you may be put in the friendzone. Let’s delve into the many facets of the friendzone and determine why you may have been “friend-zoned”.

Friendzone Even Occurs in Marriage

Reasons for Being in the Friendzone

You are Unclear About your Life

You Aren’t Speaking the Truth

You are Trying to Prove Your Worth

You do not need to be so anxious all the time, and when you show that you are eager, it may lead to her friend-zoning you. She will think that you are very sweet and polite but in a friendly way.

You Base Your Whole Life on Work

Hygiene Issues


There are many reasons as to why you may be in the friend zone. Hopefully, you can identify some of those reasons and work on yourself. With enough effort and the proper steps, you may get out of the dreaded friendzone. Talk to us at the Friendzone plan for further help.

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