how to stay out of the friendzone

Heading towards the friendzone? Here’s how to stay out of the friendzone from someone who has been there

Many of us have experienced love pangs and heartaches at some point in our lives. While breakup hurts, we believe that the agony of being friend-zoned is even worse. If you are in the friend zone then you are caught in between hope and despair. 

It is a dreaded place, but by being smart, you can avoid it altogether. First, let us see how and why men end up in the friendzone in the first place. While the situation may differ from person to person, in most cases, men end up in the dreaded friend zone because they don’t take maximum advantage of the banter stage.

This is the stage that involves playful flirtation and a pull and push strategy. Some men try to dive straight into the rapport stage which involves deeper and intimate communication. These are the men who mostly end up being friend-zoned.

Let us take a look at why playful flirtation is necessary to keep the spark alive and to avoid ending up in a platonic ‘friend like’ relationship with the woman of your desire. Read these tips to help stay out of the friendzone.

Apply The Pull and Push Strategy

The push and pull strategy of flirtation involves two stages:

Both stages are contradictory to each other. The push and pull strategy allows you to regain control over your emotions and manipulate her emotions in a sweet manner. It will also create anticipation in her mind to look forward to your companionship (pull phase). 

Once you have spent some quality time with her, disengage yourself and get involved in other activities. Hang out with friends, attend a concert and other activities which you enjoy. This will send a message that even though you like this girl, your life does not revolve around her completely.

Be Open to Flirting With Other Women

It will also pique your girl’s interest in you. However, be careful that you don’t come across as lascivious rather as a gallant gentleman.

Don’t Be Available All The Time

Make sure that you are not the one who is texting first all the time. If she messages you at an odd time (late night or early morning) then don’t jump at the first chance of talking to her. Rather be slow in replying back. 

Initiate Physical Intimacy to Build Sexual Tension

A light touch on the back of her hand, taking an extra second to hug tightly and a tap on the shoulder can do wonders to build sexual tension between two partners.


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