signs you're in the friend-zone

Are you afraid you don’t make the cut? Here are telltale signs you’re in the friend-zone of your crush

Unfortunately, there are instances in life where you fall for people who do not reciprocate the same feelings as yours. Being nothing more than just a good friend can be off-putting. It can often lead to some complicated feelings and emotions. 

Figuring out if you’re in the friendzone or whether there’s room for the relationship to progress? It’s a tough dilemma. But that’s why you’re here. Here are some of the signs that will help you indicate whether you might be in the friendzone. 

They Talk About Romantic Interests

At times your crush might not be even aware of your feelings. But you are their friend, and friends commonly discuss relationships with each other. 

They Don’t Make Any Effort.

Appearing causal is one of the most prominent signs of being in the friendzone. Being comfortable around one another is excellent. But too much of anything is always a problem. Notable pointers of them being slothful are: 

If your crush is willing to let you see her like this, she is not making efforts to attract you. A little amount of effort is always appreciated. Someone interested in you will always put their A-game on and make sure to look their best. 

Hooking You Up With Others

According to Bustle, if they enjoy playing the role of being the perfect matchmaker for you, you’re clearly in the friend zone. If they romantically like you, they wouldn’t try hooking you up with others, instead, they would simply try to go out with you.

Dodging opportunities for intimacy

Intimacy needs to come from both ends. A romantic relationship without intimacy is like bread without butter. Be a good friend by respecting their stance. Know when it’s time to call quits and move on. 

Asks for your Advice

Ending Note

Ask yourself, are you in the friendzone? And if you’re not sure you can always let the other person know about your feelings. The max they’ll do is turn you down. Big deal, who doesn’t want another friend? Respecting, the other person’s stance is key here. 

If you’re dead serious about turning her friendly feelings into romantic ones, check out the Friendzone plan.

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