what to do if you landed yourself in friendzone

Landed yourself in friendzone with your crush? Here’s a smart solution

Does the friend zone have an exit? Have you ever Googled how to get your friend to like you or how to get out of the friend zone? You must have heard a range of advice, including playing it cool, moving on with other friends. 

Before we move on any further, let us tell you what the friend zone actually is. 

Informally speaking, the friend zone is the relationship between two people where either one may be interested in the other romantically and the other doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. Sometimes even husbands and wives end up in the friend zone. That’s where they use the following tactics to rejuvenate their relationship. But, here we are talking about two friends and how to handle the situation once trapped. 

What Can You Do To Get Out Of The Friendzone?

There is not much you can do about changing their mindset and the way they interpret your feelings for them. However, being friends, they know that you are charming and lovely but maybe not just in a romantic way. You guys hang out with each other, watch movies, play games, but all of a sudden, you start having feelings.

It can be quite disheartening if you find that your friend just takes you as a companion and has no feelings beyond. However, these feelings can just be infatuation, and you may realize later how right your friend was. Follow these simple steps to have a deep insight into your relationship and get to know each other better. 

Get to Know Your Feelings

Try spending time with yourself, and you may return to the friendship phase real soon. Give some time to your feelings to show their real potential. If you are still having visions of romping with your friend on the snow and exchanging looks watching Australian birds caressing each other, then you might consider spending some more time in the next step. You can talk to them about it.

Take a Break 

Taking a break from the friendship would help you lighten your feelings. You may be reluctant at first. However, if you start feeling that it is hurting more to be close than being apart, then there is nothing wrong with that. Your feelings are valid. Also, perhaps your absence will make them realize that you both were meant to be. And it gives you both to take the time out to realize whether what you feel for the other is love or it is just a phase.

Date More Often

The other way round is to date more often. Offer dates and invitations and accept them too. Just see what else you have to do other than trying to mitigate your feelings. If you don’t like dating each other, try getting out with other friends and judge your feelings. 

There would be a point when you realize how well you both go with just being friends. You will also get an opportunity to find someone else, maybe for whom you develop true feelings. 


Heal your connection and strengthen your bond, to help out of the friendship zone. Get in touch with the Friendzone Plan to know how you can be more than just friends with the one you love!

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