husband friend zonedFriend Zone” is a controversial term in itself. But when people begin talking about getting ‘friend zoned in marriage‘, it indeed starts to sound a lot more intriguing.

However, like it or not, the term has already gained enough currency especially in popular discourse. Subsequently, it has become common enough for spouses to complain and/or resent about getting friend zoned.

Even marriage counselors relate that more and more spouses visiting them for marriage advice tend to refer to getting friend zoned by their partners as one of the common marital problems.

In this article, we’ll discuss the phenomenon of the husband getting friendzoned by his wife; and ways in which he may get out of the ‘zone’ and become truly intimate with his wife again.

So, What Exactly Is a Husband Friend Zone?

And she lets her husband know all this. In some cases, she may even want out of marriage.

How to Get Out of Your Wife’s “Friend Zone”?

Now, this is the time to make good of the fact that you are still good friends.

However, be tactful when you try this. Before you go into the conversation, see if you can spend some lighthearted moments together. Go to a concert, arrange a dine-out at her favorite restaurant or simply go shopping together—whatever  makes her happy and forget her troubles for the moment.

And then, once you get to the conversation, try to make it as casual as possible. Ask about her work, anything funny that has happened to her lately…and the like. Also, at appropriate moments, make physical contact but in a friendly, assuring manner. Then, when you get to the subject of the marriage, again adopt a casual tone. Talk in a roundabout manner if that seems the proper thing to do and converse in the guise of a friendship.

The most important thing here is that it should never appear as if you are engaging in a really Serious Conversation. And make sure to NEVER give her the impression that you are being pushy.

And, keep in mind that things will not get cleared up in one sitting. Follow up with this routine at brief intervals and see if you can regain her trust and build the connection again.

Marriage Counseling

This is why alone sessions are valuable since they allow the counselor a greater opportunity to get to the heart of the problem.

For example’s sake, let us say that your wife feels that you are not a good partner in bed. And yet she remains silent about this fearing that frankness here may hurt your ego or cause you embarrassment.

However, to go back to our main topic, what can you do as a husband to get out of your wife’s friend zone.

yes dearWe get married, settle down, have kids maybe, get too much involved with our work and to state the obvious, we AGE. The upshot is that we may start to neglect our appearance, start to take things for granted and so on. And everything appears to be going fine and smoothly enough until one fine day when your wife finally breaks the news that the ‘connection’ is lost.

As we said, this is a Possibility. It doesn’t have to be so but what we are saying is that you seriously need to consider if this IS really so.

In short, make yourself attractive to your wife once again. At least, try your best.

Point-to-Note however that the above does not mean that you should act as if you are desperate to save the marriage and is prepared to go to any lengths to achieve that.

On the contrary. The whole idea is that your wife must discover your worth all over again. Stay her good friend, but don’t mollycoddle her. Make yourself desirable so that she, too, on her part, puts the work necessary to get the marriage back in track.

Since in order for it to work, all the effort expended has to be mutual, after all.

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