are you headed towards the friend zone

Are you headed towards the friend zone? Here are some warning signs

Relationships are tricky and love is not easy. Most of us have faced the dilemma of unrequited love at some point in our lives. We like someone but they don’t reciprocate our feelings. In some cases, the rejection is straightforward and outright. 

In other cases, the special someone treats us as a friend and we remain hopeful that the friendship will bloom into something more. This catch-22 situation often lands you in the dreaded ‘friend zone’.

If you are worried that you are being friend-zoned then it is time to take action. But first, it is important to determine if you are actually being friend-zoned or if it is a figment of your imagination. We have brought to you 4 warning signs which will help you determine if you are headed for the friend zone.

You Never Get a Chance to Go Out on a Date with Him/Her

What was supposed to be a romantic date turned out to be a group hangout. It goes to show that your crush misinterpreted the whole thing and did not jump at her chance to spend some lovely alone time with you. It means that while your crush considers you a good friend, they don’t see you as a love interest and your feelings are one-sided.

They Don’t Get Excited by Your Compliments

When we are attracted to someone their opinion of us means the world to them. Even a single compliment would make you blush. But if your crush takes you as just a good friend then they would respond back to your compliments with a sweet smile and a mere thank you. 

Your crush’s response to a compliment can help you determine the extent of their feelings for you.

Your Crush Seeks Your Advice for Their Love Life

If your crush asks your opinion on how to dress up for their first date with a hotshot, you should know that you are deep into the friend zone. 

Your Crush Tries to Mend Your Romantic Life

They look at you only as a friend and try to fix your love life. But they do not want to occupy the position of your love interest in your life. If your crush tries to fix your romantic life you should know that they don’t see you as anything more than a good friend. 

If any of these signs are within your relationship, it is time to bounce back and stop this from happening.

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