putting you in the friendzone through texts

Here are some sure shot signs that you are being put in the friendzone through texts

There is probably nothing messier than complicated love life. The friendzone is common to almost all complicated love stories. If you are stuck in the friendzone, who would know better than anyone that there is no way out. On the one hand, you remain hopeful of winning the girl of your dreams because you and she have such good chemistry as friends.

On the other hand, you have this nagging fear that she will never see you as anything other than just a ‘friend’. The first step to escaping the friend zone is to admit to yourself that you are in one.  Once you know the real deal, you can devise a strategy to escape this dreaded zone by either winning over your girl or giving up altogether. 

While there are many telltale signs of being friend-zoned, today we will enlighten you on how to recognize if your girl is trying to friendzone you through the text messages she sends you. So let’s dig in.

She Does Not Respond To Your Texts Quickly

While her intention was not to hurt you, she simply didn’t consider you important enough to text you back immediately. 

Her Messages Keep on Getting Succinct Everyday

Believe us when we say that girls like to put in extra effort in their text messages for their special someone.

She Doesn’t Deem You Worthy of Flirtatious Emojis

She Openly Calls You Bro and Bud on Text Messages

If she has never called you sweetheart, love, babe, or honey over text messages then we recommend you to move on. Because the romantic relationship you see yourself in with her only exists in your head.

She Does Not Respond Positively To Your Attempts of Asking Her Out

She sends you an apology on Sunday that she couldn’t reply to your text sooner because she was super swamped. If such a thing happens, pack your bags and relocate because this a classic case of friendzone. 

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