being friend-zoned through texts solution

Here is evidence on whether you are friend-zoned through texts or not

One can indeed be stuck in a rock hard place when expressing their feelings openly. There is nothing quite confidence-crushing as finding yourself in the friend-zone while texting your crush. If texts are your only mode of communication, stress not as a lot can be determined about their interests just through the exchanged messages. 

The following are a list of signs that will help you know whether or not you’re being friendzoned

Twenty-Four Hour Rule

However, you do need to be mindful of patterns. Taking 24 hours to reply once or twice is an excusable offense. But if this is a regular pattern, you’re in for some worrisome decision making. Assess your chats using the 24-hour rule.

Colorless Texts 

Flirted, joked, tried your best to get the ball of mutual attraction rolling, and still nothing? Bummer, they are simply not interested in you. According to elitedaily, if you are not being reciprocated with cute, playful, or otherwise romantic messages, it is time to revisit your feelings. 

Ask Advice on Others 

Asking advice on potential partners other than you is a clear sign that you’re nothing more than just a friend to them. Depending on your gender, they will ask for your advice on what best to win their crush’s heart. Often question like these are a clear indication: 

Bro’s and Buddy’s 

If your crush thinks of you as a potential romantic partner, they would be extra cautious not to send the wrong message. 

Their Friends Hit on You

Giving a green signal is more like setting you up with one of their friends. The message is loud and clear that they are not interested in a romantic relationship with you. 

Bottom Line

These are some of the signs that scream of you being in the zone. Watch out for these indications and help yourself avoid these mistakes by following the friend zone plan. This will guide you better on how to get out of it and what not to do in the future. 

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