escape friend-zone effortlessly with these tips

Want to escape friend-zone effortlessly? Read my top secret tips right now

C’mon, let’s not kid ourselves, we all know that we have once been here or twice, maybe even three times. I mean my brother is there right now. The key element is to realize that some of you may be struggling through this unknown territory known as the friend-zone. And without a doubt, it can be one of the most challenging experiences if you want to start a relationship with someone.

Many tried, many failed, there’s no getting out of it honestly. Umm, on the contrary, we have been fortunate enough to outline a few principles, unless you don’t follow them, you know where you’re landing buddy! Look down below for these golden tips that will help you effortlessly escape the ‘zone’ if you’re heading that way. 

Choose the right timing 

Haven’t you heard that the two most powerful things in a relationship are patience and time, well you need to get those right in order to not be in the friend-zone. Know that the person you share feelings for is in the position to answer. If you have only recently become friends, then bluntly coming forth might just scare them off. 

Recommendation: An optimal time to let someone know about your feelings is two months or more after knowing them. Don’t rush it! 

Don’t be obsessive

While chasing someone till you make them fall in love with you may seem like an attractive notion, it’s unethical and not very respectful of the other person’s stance. According to psychcentral, neediness is one of the most displeasing qualities that one can embody. Note that you don’t want to look like a harasser, that will only make things difficult for you and push them further away.

Focus on the friendship 

Despite the fact that ‘I’ve always thought of you as a good friend’ isn’t the ideal response to your question, your stance in the relationship becomes clear. This gives you room to connect better with your friend and strengthen the relationship by working on missing aspects keeping either of the parties from dating.

Recommendation: Do not gaslight them, that’s not what good friends do! 

Work on Yourself

This doesn’t mean you’re unattractive or unworthy of love, what it means is to be the best version of yourself. If you find yourself often in the friend-zone then you ought to start questioning what seems to be the problem. 

Recommendation: Improving yourself will only make you look confident. Being the best version of yourself is what makes you more attractive and win your chances at completely avoiding the ‘zone’.

To conclude, being in the friend-zone can undoubtedly be a scary thing but what is more important for you to recognize the key elements keeping you out of it. It is a natural part of life and there is nothing to be really afraid of. Follow our power-packed friend-zone plan and you’d require no effort of your own to escape it. 

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