friendzoned by your wife

 Here are 3 common causes of being friendzoned by your wife – Husband’s take a look

Marriage is a blissful relationship where both partners feel safe, happy, and sexually attracted to each other. At least that’s what we all hope for before uttering the words: ‘I do’. However, the harsh reality is that not all marriages are meant to be happy and successful. One of the leading causes of broken marriages is the waning of sexual attraction between couples.

Numerous marriage therapists have reported that women stop finding their husbands attractive a few years into the marriage. They may not opt for divorce straight away, but they put their husbands in the friend zone. Yes, you read it correctly! You can get friend-zoned even in a marriage.

If you are one of those unlucky dudes who have been friend-zoned by their wives, you must be wondering how did this happen? What were the causative factors which landed you in the friend zone despite being married? Look no more, and let us answer your queries.

Passionless Sex

If such is the case with you, then we recommend you to up your game and understand what you are not doing correctly. There are multiple books and a whole lot of information available on the art of lovemaking. Consult them before it is too late.

Lack of Emotional Intimacy

Have you listened to her genuine complaints and paid heed to her feelings? If the answer is no then you should know why your wife doesn’t see you as husband material anymore. Try to establish emotional intimacy with your wife and connect with her on a deeper level. Try to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her every now and then.

She Doesn’t Deem You Worthy of Her Respect and Admiration

Mutual respect is one of the most important factors for the sustainability of a marriage. When a relationship begins, both partners are in awe of each other. However, it is possible that with time the respect and admiration for one partner get diminished.

If such is the case, try to redefine yourself. 180 degrees of personality change just to appease your wife is neither recommended nor a healthy thing to do. However, do try to fix the not-so-good things about yourself such as being overweight or being non-productive at work.

Your wife will appreciate the positive changes and you will hopefully redeem yourself in her eyes.

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