Is She Putting You In the Friendzone Through Texts

putting you in the friendzone through texts

Here are some sure shot signs that you are being put in the friendzone through texts There is probably nothing messier than complicated love life. The friendzone is common to almost all complicated love stories. If you are stuck in the friendzone, who would know better than anyone that there is no way out. On […]

Has Your Wife Put You in The Friendzone – Here Are Signs

has your wife put you in the friendzone

Do you think your wife put you in the friendzone? Here are signs that confirm it Friendzone is a dreaded place and no one wants to land into it. If you have married your sweetheart, then congratulations are in order! You have avoided the friend zone forever. You are now in a stable and loving […]

How to figure out if you are headed towards the friend zone?

are you headed towards the friend zone

Are you headed towards the friend zone? Here are some warning signs Relationships are tricky and love is not easy. Most of us have faced the dilemma of unrequited love at some point in our lives. We like someone but they don’t reciprocate our feelings. In some cases, the rejection is straightforward and outright.  In […]

4 Foolproof Ways to Escape The Friend Zone

escape the friend zone be near her

Stuck in the dreaded zone? Here are some ways to help you escape the friend zone Friend zone is a dreaded place for one to be stuck in. It is worse than a flat out rejection or a breakup. Being stuck in the friend zone means the person you love does not reciprocate your romantic […]